Go Chicken Go G-Sauce 13.5 oz.



Go Chicken Go originated in 1969 in Kansas City, KS near the existing 7th Street location. Formerly a service station, Go Gas, operated by Bill and Mary Hendrix who are the original creators of the now locally famous fried chicken, gizzards and livers. It all began by selling fried chicken inside the service station, soon the gas pumps were removed and more chicken fryers moved in. The idea took off and Go Gas soon went thru a name change and became Go Chicken Go.
What started as a family business has remained family owned and operated for over 40 years. Bill and Mary Hendrix had three sons, Bill, Mike and Dennis, who all began working in the original restaurant at a very young age. In 1985, the three brothers purchased the restaurant from their parents and have expanded the concept to a total of five locations throughout the Kansas City area.
Go Chicken Go continues to be a local favorite in Kansas City. With great tasting chicken, gizzards and livers that make you want to come back everyday, and a famous hot sauce called G-Sauce.

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