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The Hollywood is the newest model and is named in memory of Bill "Hollywood'nSwine" Allen. The Hollywood is based on our popular Sumo model, with reinforcements to enable smoking up to 400F (v 350F in the Sumo) -- great news for those who may like to cook "hot 'n fast" or to bake. We added 2 inches of additional depth v the Sumo to further optimize airflow and increase capacity, and increased the number of shelf rails from 4 to 7 to give more options for meat placement. The Hollywood is ideal for backyard pitmasters and those on the competition circuit! •The Hollywood has all the performance that you'd expect in a classic 270! Temperature stability is best-in-class, due to our natural convection design coupled with dual-wall, fully insulated design. Temperature is controlled via a sliding vent on the rear firebox door. For those who prefer to use an electronic device to control temperature, an adapter plate accessory is available. (We recommend trying your 270 without such a device first, as the 270 operates better without one.) •The Hollywood is shipped with 4 shelves and will comfortably hold 4-6 Boston Butts or 2-3 large packer briskets or 8-12 racks of full St. Louis style ribs. •The Hollywood charcoal basket will hold approx 8-10 lbs of lump charcoal or briquettes. It will typically run 14+ hours on one load of lump charcoal, depending upon load and smoking temperature. •The Hollywood is one of the most portable cabinet smokers on the market. Similar to the KC, the Hollywood has a built-in dolly (welded-on handles and two 5-inch casters). •Optional upgrades include stainless shelves plus our line of custom accessories. •Overall size including latches, handles, and chimney: ~25" wide x ~25" deep x ~36" tall •Shelf size : 4 @ ~ 21"w x 12.5"d •Weight: ~210 lbs •Made in the USA with American steel. Stainless steel hinges. Stainless steel latches.

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