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Now featuring Shop Pay installments on purchases over $50!

Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill

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The Traeger Ironwood 885 is loaded with features and sets the bar for pellet grill performance. The 885 offers double sidewall insulation to maintain steady temperatures with lower pellet consumption compared to single-walled pellet grills. The Ironwood 885 is packed with technology including Wi-Fi capability so you can monitor temps and pellet levels on your device using Traeger's WiFIRE Technology. WiFIRE allows you to monitor the temperature in your smoker, the temperature of the included meat thermometer, the amount of pellets that remain in the hopper and even allows you to adjust the grill's temperature on the fly. The advanced D2 controller makes starting the Ironwood 885 as easy as turning on the oven and features Super Smoke mode to amp up that smoky flavor.


  • Ironwood D2® Controller
  • WiFIRE® Technology
  • Ironwood D2® Direct Drive
  • TurboTemp®
  • GrillGuide®
  • Double side-wall insulation

Unrivaled Wood-Fired Flavor

The Ironwood 885 features Traeger’s Downdraft Exhaust system designed to keep fresh, blue smoke circulating throughout the smoker for amazing wood-fired flavor. Combined with Super Smoke Mode, you’ll get the most amazing smoke flavor without that over-smoked taste. The 885 is amazing for low-and-slow cooking at temperatures as low as 165 degrees or it can be cranked up to 500 degrees for perfect searing.

Large Cooking AreaTraeger Ironwood 885

The 885's name comes from the amount of cooking space in the factory configuration; 885 square inches. The main rack is 30" x 19" and is coated in porcelain for an extremely long life. The main rack is accompanied by a 30" x 10.5" extra rack which brings the total square inches to 885 and allows you to cool one meal all at once. Remove the extra grate to open up more vertical height to smoke huge cuts of meat to perfection.

Double Wall Insulation

The main box of the 885 is constructed from double-walled steel for superior insulation compared to single-walled smokers. The added insulation allows for extremely even temperatures which are critical to great outcomes when smoking meat. Not only does the 885 maintain even temperatures, the insulation makes the grill consume less pellets because more heat is kept in the firebox. The 885 uses about two pounds of pellets per hour on high heat, one pound of pellets per hour at medium heat and a half pound of pellets at low temperatures. The hopper holds up to 20 pounds of pellets for a maximum cooktime of up to 40 hours on a full hopper.


Traeger's WiFIRE technology allows you to monitor and change temperatures from wireless devices including iOS and Android devices. Set timers, monitor the temperature of the grill, the temperature of the included probe as well as the amount of pellets in the hopper. No need to babysit your smoker when you have all the information you need right on your device.


  • Large interior space can hold up to 10 whole chickens, seven racks of ribs or nine pork butts
  • 885 square inches of total cooking space
  • 20 pound hopper capacity for up to 40 hours of smoking
  • Maintain even temperatures from 165° up to 500°
  • 47" high x 54" wide by 27" deep
  • Ironwood D2 Controller
  • WiFIRE Technology
  • TurboTemp
  • Super Smoke Mode
  • Double-walled Insulation
  • Pellet Level Sensor
  • Dual Position Smoke / Sear Grate
  • Downdraft Exhaust
  • Included Meat Probe