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Cowtown Steak and Grill Seasoning 7,5 oz.

Ursprünglicher Preis $7.49 - Ursprünglicher Preis $7.49
Ursprünglicher Preis
$7.49 - $7.49
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Reiben Sie diese tolle Gewürzmischung auf Ihr Lieblingssteak. Köstlich auf Burgern. Fantastisch zu Gemüse. Verdammt ausgezeichnet im Bloody Mary's!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cowtown Steak Seasoning

Use it on everything!
1st time I tried it was this year. Used the entire bottle in 25 days. You don't need a lot to flavor your food. I am a seasoning junkie and this is good stuff.

dave J
I put that stuff on everything

I have been called a really good cook, and my secret is this seasoning. Roast veggies, steaks, ribs, I even put this in my homemade sauces. Great flavor without overpowering the meats/veggies I am cooking. I make this a go to gift for the all the grillers/cooks in my circle.

Mike Drake
The best of the best!

I absolutely love this on seasoning on steak. For comparison I've tried experiments where I cook steak with other things like garlic powder, fancy rubs, etc., and I can say without a doubt this seasoning tops them all. Salt, pepper, and cowtown is the ultimate combination to use on a pre-seared steak.

CE from SC
Also awesome on French fries

We absolutely love this on French fries or potatoes. If frying fresh fries add it to fries before cooking. Best fries ever!!

Steak seasoning

We love cow town steak seasoning. Won’t use anything else.....wish it came in bigger containers