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The Kansas City BBQ Store is proud to offer Obie-Que BBQ rubs and spices to our customers. Moreover, we're proud of our relationship with Obie Obermark, Obie-Que's founder and president. He's a BBQ legend and one of the nicest guys you'll ever want to meet. Here's the backstory of how his company was founded, in his own words.


A Short History of Obie-Cue’s
By Obie Obermark


Not what you’d call an auspicious beginning. In 1985, the planned Austin-based partnership cratered, and there I was, in Dallas, in hock for many barrels and boxes of raw spices. Looking to quickly convert spices to cash, I opened a shop in a huge (60+ acres) local flea market and started selling bulk spices on the weekends while still working during the week.

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of that dubious start, but these days Obie-Cue's features a full line of unique seasonings, and many third-generation customers at that retail shop in Dallas. I've been able to combine a life-long love of cooking with formal training in wet-lab chemistry and practical experience running a small business, and had fun doing it.

BBQ competitions changed both my life and the Obie-Cue’s lineup. I stumbled through my first cook-off in 1986, but met local BBQ champion Bob (2X4) Herring. Bob taught me that “sauce is the last refuge of an incompetent cook” because rubs put flavor IN the meat, not ON the meat. He taught me to cook without sauce and showed me the basics of competitive BBQ. I won my first trophy (10th place) in 1987, and by 1991, I had developed a line of spices for cook-offs and earned a spot as one of 35 teams invited to cook The Jack Daniel’s Invitational in Lynchburg. Using only Sweet Rub and cooking on a $35 charcoal grill I won 1st place chicken. In 93, using the same recipe and same $35 grill I won 3rd chicken and became the first team from Texas to cook the Daniel’s twice. Today, that recipe is on the Sweet Rub label, (titled “Championship Chicken” of course), and Sweet Rub is still winning cook-offs.

In ‘95, the spices started winning by themselves, as I sent entries to the American Royal Rub Contest, the biggest rub contest in the world, and Steakmaker won “Best Rub on the Planet”. Fajita Fabulosa reclaimed that title in ’98, and Gatorbreath repeated in 1999, making Obie-Cue’s Spices the only three-time Grand Champions in the history of that event.

I retired from cook-offs in ‘94, but Obie-Cue’s spices are still winning events all over the country. We are recommended by both Johnny Trigg (2-time Jack Daniels Grand Champion, 2012 “BBQ Pitmaster’s” Grand Champion, KCBS Team of the Year), and Ernest Servantes (“Chopped” Pitmaster Champion, 2014 San Antonio Livestock Show Champion), and hundreds of thousands of backyard cooks all over the country. You’ll find recipes, including all the prizewinners on our labels and on our website at www.obiecue.com. We believe that BBQ is supposed to be fun, and if it’s too much work, it’s not fun anymore. Thanks to Obie-Cue’s unflagging dedication to quality and simplicity, anyone who can open a bottle and follow easy directions can literally cook like a BBQ champion. Remember, sauce is for spaghetti!

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