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PRODUCT PROFILE: FireBoard Cloud-Connected Thermometer

Even within a tradition as old as American barbecue, there’s always room for innovation. Especially when the innovation improves both the barbecue and the experience of making the barbecue. The new FireBoard Cloud-connected smart thermometer does just that. 

FireBoard is the brain child of entrepreneurs Ted Conrad and Steven Briggeman, both Kansas natives and graduates of Kansas State University. Ted spent the first decade-and-a-half of his career in the investment industry developing software to support investment strategies. But, like all entrepreneurs—and innovators—he’s always been a tinkerer and a problem solver. 

“I’m a Kansas City boy,” Ted says. “I have a passion for technology, but like so many I love great barbecue.  When I began smoking barbecue as a hobby, I got a little frustrated with the thermometers on the market and found them lacking in features.  I started soldering and tinkering, and eventually decided to build a better thermometer.” 

The result of Ted’s tinkering is FireBoard, one of the coolest new products we’ve seen here at The Kansas City BBQ Store in a long time. 

“I wanted to create a thermometer that was simple and intuitive, yet sophisticated,” Ted says. “And because I want to improve as a cook, over time, I felt that it was important to be able to record the temperatures throughout the cooking process so that I can compare results of one session to another. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from the community about bringing this product to market.” 

FireBoard is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. All temperature data is stored both on the device and on the users FireBoard Cloud account. Data is synchronized between the two – so users can always view both historical and current cooking. Users can monitor cooking and meat temperatures remotely via their smart phones, or even the web. To assure accurate and reliable temperature readings, FireBoard is built with a solid circuit design and robust and calibrated temperature probes. The device software is updated automatically as new features are added. 

FireBoard is much more than a nifty little gadget. This is a high-tech tool that can help you make better barbecue, whether you’re a backyard enthusiast or a seasoned competitor.