How did you get your start in the BBQ biz?

We have been competing in BBQ contests for 10 years. We started out making backyard smokers and tailgate grills. We heard about a competition in Wichita so we signed up and was hooked. We arrived at the first comp. with a smoker and a backhoe to unload it. We've come a long way since then. We laugh at our first boxes with the lettuce and some really ugly meat! I didn't even know what a pork butt was! We figured it out about 5 years later in 2009 when we won the KCBS team of the year in pork and came in 2nd in ribs. We also won the pork category at the American Royal Invitational in 2011.

What’s you BBQ philosophy?

Our philosophy for BBQ is to compete hard, make good friends, and supply our competitors with our JP CUSTOM SMOKE BBQ RUBS. If we lose to our competitors it’s always easier when we know they are using our rubs. We have seen teams win and get their 180 scores in all four meats and in some cooks choice categories using our rubs. 

Tell us about J.P. Custom Smoke.

We still make some custom smokers and  dollies for moving pits around. We have sold our rubs all over the country and including the UK. BBQ is becoming popular globally. There’s so much information about BBQ on radio talk shows and TV. It’s inspired people! Not to mention it’s a family activity where friends and loved ones come together for some great eats. We really enjoy the kids ‘ques. 

What’s your advice for a barbecue cook who wants to start competing in contests for the first time?

We say to the backyard cooks go get your judging classes under your belt you will learn a lot. Judge a couple of contests to see what competition barbecue is really like. Then sign up to cook in some contests and have a great time. Experienced teams are always willing to help out new cook teams.

What would you like folks to know about your BBQ seasonings?

We are very pleased with our line of rubs. We have them professionally blended and packaged.  We have awards from ten different states that we have competed in and many stores are stocking our rubs. People can purchase them from our website or from the Kansas City BBQ Store. There is also a list of stores on our website that carry our rubs. We like to thank the Kansas City BBQ Store for promoting our rubs and for the opportunity to share our story. 

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