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WHOMP! There it is!

Meet Meat Mitch!



By day, Mitch Benjamin is a sales rep for TaylorMade-adidas Golf, but by night — and on weekends — Mitch is a sauce mixologist and barbecue entrepreneur. And even though his sauce Meat Mitch’s “Whomp!” BBQ Sauce is still a relative newcomer, it's crazy popular. We sat down with Mitch recently for a little Q&A:

How’d you get into barbecue? 

It was out of self defense. My wife loved barbecue so much that she was starting to eye up big dudes in overall’s with nicknames like “Stack” and “Big Rig”. I had to react.

What’s your favorite barbecue experience? 

The American Royal is our team’s favorite time of the year. We get fired up, having the biggest, wildest, best party of the year, serving all of our friends the very best food we can make along with all the beer, wine, and spirits they can muster! 

Last year's Major League Baseball All Star Game was quite a thrill for you. Tell us about it.

We had the distinguished honor of being selected as the Barbecue Ambassador to Major League Baseball for the All-Star Game and events held in Kansas City last summer. Kansas City's own Hall of Famer George Brett, ESPN announcer John Kruk, and several other All-Star celebrities enjoyed every finger-licking bite of our Meat Mitch’s barbecue ribs, Kansas City style burnt ends, and other fine barbecued meats so much twe kind of became an instant hit across the nation. It was way cool.

What’s your barbecue philosophy?

Have your recipes organized, know what everyone’s role is, don’t sway too much from your original plan and don’t start playing quarters at midnight.

Everyone thinks their own sauce recipe is the best. How about yours?

Meat Mitch “Whomp” BBQ sauce was created to win BBQ competitions. It has all the elements the judges are looking for, a beautiful glaze finish, a sweet, rich, depth and character, and it finishes with a little kick that says “Hello, Jim!”. My first production run of the sauce was on a Wednesday this past July, by Friday we had set up camp at The Wild Blue BBQ State Championship in Burlington, KS, and we walked away with the Grand Reserve Championship trophy and never even cooked any of the meat, just poured the sauce on it. WHOMP!

Tell us about your rub.

We started with an awesome blend of spices that have been married together to accentuate the taste of anything from hog jowl to the money muscle. We built Meat Mitch Rub for war and we ain't takin' any prisoners. It has the perfect amount sweet, a dabble of heat, but doesn't lose that little hint of salt that throws you over the edge.

How do you feel about your stuff being featured as The Kansas City BBQ Store's Sauce (and Seasoning) of The Month?

Awesome. Words cannot describe.                                                                   

Order Meat Mitch sauces and seasonings here!
Sauces $7.49 and Rub $5.49 April only!