Big Poppa Smokers Spicy Chili Dust 14 oz.

Cuckoo Racha Chili Dust is Big Poppa's newest creation. This chilli dust features sriracha chili based flavors that are spicy with a hint of sweetness. If you like Sriracha Rooster sauce, you'll love this spicy rub. 

Blended into a fine dust, you can use this bbq seasoning sparingly, or pour it all over everything, you choose the amount of heat. Use this BBQ chili seasoning on any cut of meat, Big Poppa has even used it on Wagyu Prime rib! This BBQ seasoning is also a great addition to fruits and vegetables, popcorn, Bloody Marys, ceviche, nacho cheese dip, roasted nuts...even chocolate! The possibilities are endless. 

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