Camerons Mesquite Smoker Bag



Enjoy no mess, no prep, smoked steaks with Camerons Products Mesquite-Flavored Food Smoker Bag. These tri-level aluminum smoker bags are pre-lined with wood chips that are specifically measured to give you the best results. There is no need to add extra salt or oil- simply place your meat, fish, or vegetables and preferred seasonings in the bag, fold the opening three to four times to seal, and place on your grill or in your oven to cook. Skip the dishes and serve your moist, flavorful food straight from the foil, then throw the bag out when you’re done. With Camerons Products Food Smoker Bags, enjoy flavorful, mesquite-smoked foods anytime. 


•Great for smoking fish, chicken, ribs, or game meat
•Tri-level aluminum foil
•Pre-lined with ground wood chips and tree syrup sugars
•Perforations in middle layer allow food to be infused with smoky flavor
•Top layer folds over food to contain flavor
•Bottom labeled “THIS SIDE DOWN”
•Wood chips are measured for best results
•Instructions and recipes listed in wrapper
•For use with ovens, grills, hot plates, or campfires
•Dimensions: 11” x 19”
•Made in Finland

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