Barrel Proof Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chips



Cask Strength bourbon chips give a unique flavor. -Aromatic white oak recycled from aged bourbon barrels -Resealable bag providing optimal fresh storage for the chips -Made in Kentucky granting the Kentucky Proud seal -Chip volume measures 170 cubic inches per bag Barrel Proof bourbon bark chips provide a rich, savory flavor that enhances your favorite smoked or grilled dish. Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon, crafts about 95 percent of the worlds supply of bourbon. With that, they also have an abundance of white oak barrels going to waste. Barrel Proof has found a solution with a wonderful benefit to all the BBQ fans out there. The aromatic white oak is packaged immediately after the barrels are used in the bourbon aging process. Barrel Proof also has partnered with a non-profit giving product packaging jobs to people with special needs. The chips come in a recyclable, resealable kraft stand-up bag with a chip volume of 170 cubic inches per bag.

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