Charcoal Companion Thermabond Square Pizza Stone Tiles 4 pc.



Unglazed set of four ThermaBond® tiles can be used individually, or arranged together on the grill or oven to make one large baking surface. 7.5 in. square each, or 15 in. square when tiled. 0.3 in. thick.

These square, ThermaBond® mini pizza stones are the easiest way to get started and are perfect for creating individual-sized pizzas, or even smaller breads and baked goods. Use a single stone for an individual meal, or assemble them into a larger stone for baking bigger pizzas! 

ThermaBond® stones are manufactured with Pizzacraft’s exclusive ThermaBond® technology; specially formulated to eliminate thermal shock breakage, promote even heat distribution and retention, and guaranteed durability for consistent cooking on the oven or grill.

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