Maverick Digital Thermocouple Grill Thermometer DGT-160



DGT-160 Digital Thermocouple Grill Thermometer (Stem Diameter: .160˝ x 2˝ length) Replace or upgrade your analog built-in grill thermometer with the state-of-the-art, Maverick Pro Series digital thermocouple grill thermometer. The stem diameter on this thermometer model DGT-160 is: .160˝ x 2˝ length. DGT-160 is for grills with analog thermometer hole diameter .160” and greater. It is not a threaded stem and is held in place with a heavy duty clip. The DGT 310 is also available on this website. The stem diameter on that model is: .310˝ x 2˝ length. Both models are rugged and water resistant with high and low temperature alerts, a power saving feature and a silicone cover. • Stem diameter: .160˝ x 2˝ length • High & low temperature alerts keep you informed instantly • Temperature range: 32°F to 842°F (0°C to 450°C) • Temperature readings in both °F & °C • Water resistant: withstands wet weather during outdoor cooking • Allows you to re-calibrate if necessary • Power saving feature • Silicone cover • 2 AAA batteries included

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