Lotta Bull BBQ Award-Winning Original BBQ Sauce 18 oz.



Lotta Bull has won numerous championships including: 2007 - KCBS 1st Runner-Up Team of the Year, 2006 - American Royal Invitational Grand Champion; KCBS Team of the Year, 2005 - KCBS 2nd Runner-Up Team; American Royal Invitational Reserve Grand Champion; American Royal Open Grand Champion, 2004 - KCBS 1st Runner-Up Team, 2003 - KCBS 14th Overall Team, 2002 - American Royal Open Grand Champion; KCBS 3rd Runner-Up Team. Let Lotta Bull BBQ Sauce help make you a champion at your next backyard cookout or BBQ contest. This tangy sauce has a hint of pepper and smoke.

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