Stubb's Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce 18 oz.



Stubb's Dr. Pepper Anytime Sauce can used as a baste, dip or marinade. Marinate any cut of meat for an hour - longer for more flavor. Baste with Dr Pepper Anytime Sauce a you grill or bake. Also, great in slow cookers, stir fry and skillet. Charles Alderton made history in 1885 when he created the first batch of Dr. Pepper in Waco, Texas. The story continued where C.B. Stubblefield opened his legendary Stubb's Resaurant in 1968, also in Texas. Today, we're making our own piece of Texas history by bringing these carefully crafted flavors to your barbecue in a sweet and peppery sauce. Stubb's Dr. Pepper Anytime Sauce - Here's to a one of a kind match in Lone Star heaven!

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