Victorinox 4" x 8" High Heat Hamburger Turner



The Victorinox 4" X 8" Spatula Hamburger Turner is made with stainless steel blades and handles that can withstand temperatures up to 450° F. The hamburger turner spatula is designed with a beveled edge to easily pick up a burger off of the cooking surface. Don't let the name fool you as this item functions well as a cookie spatula or lasagna spatula. You can use two hamburger turner spatulas to cook an authentic cheesesteak by holding down the thin sliced meat with one and using the beveled edge of the other to chip/pull away the meat. Turners are a type of spatula. They are durable and can be used in the kitchen or as a BBQ grill Spatula. The size of the spatula you need is determined by the item you are cooking and the cooking surface area. A longer spatula is best for a griddle or BBQ grill while a shorter spatula is best for frying pans. The handle and serving knife are both National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved.

•High carbon stainless steel head

•Polypropylene handle

•Dishwasher safe

•NSF approved

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