Victorinox Blade Safe™ White Plastic Guard for 4" to 6" Knives



The Victorinox Blade Safe guard locks closed with two latches for optimal safety and completely encloses the shaft of the knife for an essential accessory for traveling chefs and extra knives stored in a drawer. Also this case features small rubber bumpers that press against the knife on both sides to secure it inside of the sheath to keep it from rubbing up against the plastic so that it keeps its finely honed edge. Plus this durable Blade Safe case is manufactured with heavy duty yet lightweight polypropylene that holds up against a razor sharp knife while getting knocked around without damaging the edge or tip. This blade saver is designed for blades between four and six inches long making it perfect for small chef knives, salami knives, vegetable knives or other specialty knives. 

  • Clam-shell case completely covers blades and locks closed for secure protection.
  • Blade safe provides you with assurance that blades will remain equipped for food preparation by guarding the edges from nicks and dulling.
  • Produced from tough yet lightweight material that will endure many years of wear and tear.
  • Resistant to the heat on the top rack of the dishwasher

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