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Célèbre sauce barbecue piquante Kansas City de LC 18 oz.

Prix d'origine $5.99 - Prix d'origine $5.99
Prix d'origine
$5.99 - $5.99
Prix actuel $5.99

Un favori local de Kansas City, ce barbecue sert des bouts brûlés alléchants, des doubles piles, des saucisses faites maison et des frites inoubliables à une foule éclectique d'habitants et de touristes. Les habitués ne tarissent pas d'éloges sur le service, et il est vrai que les serveurs traitent tout le monde, même ceux de l'extérieur, comme des parents disparus depuis longtemps. Vous ne allez pas aux LC ? Achetez une bouteille de leur célèbre sauce piquante « authentique » pour vos propres recettes de barbecue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The BEST on pork

It's a thinner sauce, but is the absolute best sauce on pulled pork. I buy it multiples and it goes away too quickly. Still have yet to make it to the orginal site, but hoping to do it soon.

Ian cornine

Let me start off by saying this is my favorite bbq sauce and my favorite bbq joint in KC. The food is absolutely outstanding. That being said, whomever wrote the description about the sauce and raved about the service obviously has never eaten at a KC bbq joint, or at least a busy one. The service at most of these places would generously be described as good. Not that anyone is intentionally rude but they are busy as hell and it's counter service. It is what it is but honestly the food is so good if they spit at me I would still go back. They will get your order right and quickly. Just don't expect a big smile or anyone to check on how your food turned out.

Seriously good

Just opened this up. So amazing. Honestly one of the best BBQ sauces I have tried. Not hot but amazing