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GrillGrate 22" Kettle Set (Three Panel 20" Radius Cut)

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GrillGrate is the grate that is changing the grill. The 3-D design delivers a better grilling experience with more control, even temperatures and fabulous searing without the char. GrillGrates SEAR + SIZZLE + RADIATE + PROTECT.

The formula is simple, the improvement is dramatic. This set covers 90% of the grill surface and allows for semi-direct high heat grilling.

Includes The GrateTool and User Guide. Three 20" Professional Grade GrillGrates and The GrateTool. Grates are cut to fit the 22" Weber Kettle and The Grilla. Interlocking raised rail panels made of hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum. GrillGrates season with use and require very little cleaning other than brushing the rails during warm up.

•Specifically designed for the 22" round kettle style grill.

•ELIMINATES FLARE-UPS: Stop shuffling your food around to avoid charring. GrillGrates patented design eliminates flare ups so common to all gas grills. The raised rails amplify heat while aluminum conducts heat efficiently to eliminate those pesky hot and cold spots.

•NEVER RUSTS: Made from highly conductive hard anodized aluminum.

•EVEN HEAT: No more hot spots or cold spots.

•BOLD SEAR MARKS: GrillGrates deliver restaurant quality sear marks every time. Great for Pizza, Fish, Vegetables.

*Also fits the RecTec Bullseye and The Grilla.