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Now featuring Shop Pay installments on purchases over $50!
Now featuring Shop Pay installments on purchases over $50!

Keveri H1 Red (Medium Rare) Multipurpose Charcoal Oven

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The Keveri H1 is the only charcoal oven designed at a Michelin chef’s standard, for your at-home use. The only outdoor appliance you need. The Keveri H1 is a all in one smoker with a durable stainless steel interior. It features an adjustable chimney, perfect for subtle adjustments to temperatures and shifting Grill Modes. The thick cabinet offers 10+ hours of perfect temperature stability. Easy to view temperatures with built in thermometer. You deserve to have the power and equipment to cook endless great meals now and for years to come. Safe, sustainable, designed to last. 

    • LOW & SLOW

      210ºF - 270ºF
      Slow Cooking & Smoker Mode

      Slow cook for long hours and achieve the ultimate smoked meats. Perfect brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, picanha and other slow cooked favorites.


      320ºF - 390ºF
      Charcoal Oven & Grill

      Enjoy every recipe of a traditional
      wood-fired oven or a charcoal grill. This mode quickly turns your Keveri H1 into your favorite backyard grill.

    • BAKER

      450ºF - 520ºF
      Breads, Pies & Pastries

      Bake and refine artisan bread. The heat from H1 will help you master your sourdough loaves, focaccia, pies, and more.


      630ºF - 720ºF
      State of the Art Cuisine

      Impress yourself and your friends. Discover the secret to many of the best restaurants in the world: a high-temperature charcoal oven.

    • PIZZA

      750ºF - 840ºF
      Italia In Your Backyard Pizza

      A friends and family favorite. Start a tradition, make it pizza night. Bake your pizzas like a pro, in just a matter of minutes. It’s that easy.

- Professional grade 304 stainless steel interior
- External Dimensions:
Without Cart: 22 in x 26 in x 34 in
With Cart: 22 in x 26 x 60 in
(both include Chimney height)
- Capacity: 620 sq inch. / expandable to 930 sq inch.
- 2 Stainless Steel Grill 15 3/4" x 19 3/4"
- Weight: 154lbs / weight in box: 172lbs