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Now featuring Shop Pay installments on purchases over $50!

Maverick Pizza Pro Grilling Stone w/ Infrared Thermometer

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izza stone + laser surface thermometer = perfect pizza! Ensure perfectly cooked pizza crust every time with the right surface and the right surface temperature. This set includes both the high quality pizza stone and the thermometer to measure its temperature and make pizza magic. CORDIERITE PIZZA STONE • 15” diameter x .4” thick • FDA safe and heat resistant up to 1112°F (600℃) • Even heat distribution and excess moisture absorption ensure crispy, professional, authentic crust • Can be used on the grill, in the smoker, pizza oven or household oven • Dishwasher safe INFRARED SURFACE THERMOMETER GUN • Measures temperature without contact up to 5 feet away • Laser pointer ensures accurate aim. Simply aim the laser and press the trigger. • Instant readings in °F or °C • Measures cooking surface temperature between -58°F and 1022°F • Large bright LCD with backlight for easy temperature reading in any light • Stores min and max temperatures and holds temperature display when trigger is not pressed • Auto shut off to conserve power