Sweetwater Spice Company Apple Chipotle BBQ Bath Brine 16 oz.



Apple Chipotle BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate blends the sweetness of Apple Juice with the smokiness of Chipotle and Ancho chilies. Perfect pairing for Chicken Breasts, Pork Tenderloins, and Steaks. 

More sweet and slightly smokey than spicy, this brine recipe is family friendly and a kid favorite. You won't believe the difference a brine makes the juiciness and tenderness of meat compared to marinades. 

This product is Paleo friendly. If you are on a primal diet, this is the best option to keep your lean meats juicy. No sugar added.

In only 30 minutes one can season and tenderize enough meat to feed the family or throw a BBQ - 1 bottle covers 6 lbs of meat. 


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