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Grinders Near Death Sauce piquante 6,5 oz.

Prix d'origine $8.99 - Prix d'origine $8.99
Prix d'origine
$8.99 - $8.99
Prix actuel $8.99

Découvrez le goût des Grinders à la maison avec notre recette personnalisée Near Death Sauce. Utilisez-le sur des ailes de poulet, un barbecue, une marinade ou une trempette. Fusionné avec une puissante purée de habanero et de poivre de Cayenne. Grinders Near Death Sauce vous emmène à la limite de votre zone de confort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love it

I use it on most of my meals but it's the best on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.. now I want to try Death :)

A little dab will do you

My husband loves spicy food. So when I saw this at the store I got it thinking he'd love it. That night we had burritos for dinner, and he put his normal amount of hot sauce on it. He ended up putting Sriracha sauce on top of the Near Death, in an effort to cool the Near Death down! But he loved it.

holy sh!t, its hot.

I ordered some wings at Grinders and thought how hot can their Near Death sauce really's hot.
I turned red, and started to tear up, while drinking water like an elephant (That means I drank a f*#k ton of water).
I ate all ten wings, but my stomach was uncomfortable for hours after. It makes Taco Bell's fire sauce packets taste like candy.
If you already have a tolerance built up for hot and spicy sauce it'll be a piece of cake, but if your like me, gird your loins my friend because Grinders brings the heat with this one.