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Joe's Kansas City Sauce Bar-B-Que 1 gallon

Prix d'origine $24.99 - Prix d'origine $24.99
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$24.99 - $24.99
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Ça y est. C'est la sauce. La sauce rendue célèbre au petit barbecue de la station-service au coin de la 47e et de Mission. Oui, cette sauce. La sauce dans les bouteilles sur les tables. La sauce sur le Z-Man. La sauce qu'on ne pouvait pas acheter. Jusqu'à maintenant. Sauce Bar-B-Que de Joe's Kansas City. Celui. Le seul.

Customer Reviews

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Our favorite bbq sauce

Best BBQ Sauce Around

I love this sweet sauce so much I never want any other kind!

Joe's Kansas City BBQ Sauce

I ordered a gallon of this sauce never having tasted it before. I'm so glad I ordered a gallon because this sauce it great. It's a dark, smokey, bold, tangy flavor that leaves you wanting more. What I liked about the ingredients was there was no high fructose corn syrup and minimal added chemicals that I can't pronounce. I made 2 ten pound pork butts and used this sauce on them. I think these were the best tasting pork butts I've ever made thanks to this sauce.

Worth every mile to drive and get some!!!

We were in Kansas City and my wife had the wonderful idea of eating at Joe's. It was Sunday and being from out of town we didn't know they were closed on Sundays (which I completely agree with!) we went into the station and were very disappointed they were closed. Then I saw the bottle on the shelf! Looking back that purchase was the best of the whole weekend. This sauce has everything our family loves in sauces. It will take leftovers and give them the life leftovers needs! Do not ever drive by without getting some! Our whole family gives it two thumbs WAY up!!!!!