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Zim's Bufsas – Sauce piquante douce 8 oz.

Prix d'origine $5.99 - Prix d'origine $5.99
Prix d'origine
$5.99 - $5.99
Prix actuel $5.99

Un mélange de sauces piquantes et de sauces barbecue Kansas City qui vous feront claquer les fesses tout en vous embrassant le visage. Vous l’appelez, c’est la tasse de sauces au beurre de cacahuète !

813 unités Scoville

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Broccardi
Best of all

This is by far my favorite sauce hands down weather its the Bufsas or the kiksas this makes anything much better
Every eagles game this is the go to wing sauce. If the Eagles let us down the wings never do. If your looking for a great sauce definitely try this you wont regret it

Zim's Sauces are so good!

I accidentally bumped into Zim's Sauces at the recordBar when I put it in my Bloody Mary. I decided to buy a bottle of Kiksas for my home kitchen and now use it on so many of my dishes (pizza, soup, chili, omelets, spaghetti, sandwiches, sausages, steak, etc.). It seems to enhance whatever I put it on and puts a gentle heat in there as well. Highly recommended!