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Pitmaster Thursdays Recap: Loren Hill, March 9

Next up in our new PITMASTER THURSDAYS series we had Loren Hill, pitmaster of the championship BBQ team The Smoking Hills and 2015 World Food Champion, share his knowledge on cooking chicken wings on his Gateway Drum Smokers.

View our recap video and photos below to see highlights from the event.

Then check out the recipes for both of Loren's wing varieties, along with his cooking tips and tricks here.


Video Recap:

Photo Gallery:

Loren Hill sprinkling seasoning on his bbq chicken wings. Loren Hill taking chicken wings off the smoker.

Loren Hill testing the temperature of the chicken wings. Loren Hill checking his chicken wings on the smoker.

Loren Hill taking the temperature of his chicken wings. Loren Hill pulling finished chicken wings off the smoker.

Loren Hill showing off his team shirt. Loren Hill talks with guests at his Pitmaster Thursdays event.

Loren Hill's bbq chicken wings cooking on the smoker.


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