Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food, 2nd Edition by Karen Putman and Judith Fertig



PHundreds of recipes and 16 new pages of photos including step-by-step how-to.

Slow-smoked foods, or real North American barbecue, are foods cooked low and slow next to a fire, and flavored with wood smoke. The results are sublime -- succulent, finger-lickin' ribs, brisket, salmon and more.

Here is the art of slow-smoking in a comprehensive cookbook that will appeal to both novice and experienced outdoor chefs. The revision now includes all new information on competitions that take place throughout North America, plus even more information on creating the perfect balance of flavor blending. The 300+ carefully selected recipes are organized by main ingredient to provide easy access and offer inspiration for the ultimate in smoked foods. The recipes reflect the rich diversity of smoked foods and explain how to smoke everything from ribs and brisket to cheeses and fruit. Some of the tantalizing smoked foods are Stuffed Smoked Tomatoes, Cold-Smoked Fruit Salsa, Apple-Smoked Salmon with Green Grape Sauce and Smoked Flank Steak with Beefy Barbecue Mop.

Easy-to-follow instructions and clever techniques for smoking methods are easy for any backyard chef to follow. All the important information is covered, such as: 

  • Equipment needed
  • How and why various types of woods are used
  • How to build an indirect fire
  • How to prepare food for smoking
  • How to use brines, marinades, rubs, slathers, bastes, glazes and sauces
  • Flavor matching charts for food ingredients and specific wood smoke.


With its mouth-watering recipes, this cookbook is a superb guide to this increasingly popular method of backyard cooking.


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