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WOOS! Hot Sauce 6.7 oz.

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Get tang, flavor, and just enough heat to add some flair. And then put it on everything you wanna eat. Made in small batches from intentionally straightforward ingredients, so you can salivate, not sweat. Made from a potent blend of Pequin peppers and Arbol chilies, the sauce scores a decent medium-hot on the heat scale—just enough to make you go 'oh heck!' but not so crazy that it'll blow your head off. A blend of peppers with garlic and an assortment of spices just to make sure there’s a tasty heat but not face-numbingly hot like those other guys. It’s spicy, but balanced. And delicious enough to have you coming back for more. You name it, this smoky red pepper sauce is good on it. From eggs, to tacos, to steak, to pizza.

Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly

Gluten-free Sugar-free

Made in America